Central and South Los Angeles ADRC



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City of Los Angeles Department of Aging

The Administrative Partner of the ADRC. The Department of Aging advocates for the interests and welfare of older adults by administering programs and services in partnership with community-based agencies to serve the needs of older adults and family caregivers.

211 Los Angeles

The Contact and Referral Center for the ADRC. 211 LA (or 211 LA County) is A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving all of Los Angeles County with connections to health and human services. 211 LA provides information and referrals to the services that best meet individual needs, through our 24-hour 2-1-1 call line, or through our website and chat. 211 LA also provides special programs including outreach, service navigation and care coordination to assist people with accessing services.

Independent Living Center—CALIF

The Service Partner for the ADRC. Communities Actively Living Independent & Free (CALIF) is an independent living center, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides advocacy programs and services for people with disabilities primarily residing 50 zip codes within Los Angeles County. We have something but have to wait for partners to approve.

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