Transition Services

With a person-centered model, we help persons with disabilities and persons 60 and older move from restrictive to less-restrictive environments. For example, transitions can happen to/from hospitals, nursing homes, or other institutions back into the community. The goal is to work with the individual and their family to make decisions that match the preferences, values, and financial living standards.

Information, Referral, and Assistance

Speak with a live person who will provide comprehensive resource, information, follow-ups, and communication between agencies.

Options Counseling

Assist in identifying goals and needs through person-centered counseling and coordination access to public and private-funded long-term services and community support. 

Service Coordination

Short-Term Coordination in Crisis/Urgent Situation (Preventing Institutionalization). Expedited access to services and support for individuals at risk of institutionalization, generally for 90 days or less, until a longer-term plan, is in place.